Hancock Training offers corporate training, internal training
(also known as closed training), “made to measure” or “in company”
in three basic fields:

  • Managing and leading a team from scratch
  • Personal effectiveness for managers
  • Hierarchical and nonhierarchical communication
  • Motivating and coaching
  • Employee evaluation
  • Organization of manager’s work
  • Organization of teamwork
  • Recruitment
  • Cooperations with difficult/inconvinient people – conflict solving
  • Train The Trainer for managers
  • Team building
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Creativity – creativity training
  • Stress – how to cope with stress and occupational burnout
  • Assertiveness and communication training
  • Time management
  • Effective sales
  • Telemarketing – phone sales and negotiations
  • Financial products’ sale
  • Trade negotiations
  • Advanced negotiations
  • Purchase negotiations
  • Presentations and public speaking in business
  • Direct and telephone vindication
  • Customer service
  • Individual program for Higher Management
  • Creation of the image of charismatic Leader in business
  • Psychomanipulation and sociotechnic of exerting influence in business
  • On-the-job training
  • Labor law – working time
  • Organization of office work
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Creativity – creativity training
  • Organization of office work
  • Labor work – working time
  • Stress – how to cope with stress and occupational burnout
  • Time management
  • Tool training
  • Language trainings for professionals
We offer closed training courses and training cycles created in line with the client’s individual needs. The value of closed training courses is based on adapting their content, duration, method and location to the needs and capabilities of each client. The process of preparing closed courses, and subsequent activities, frequently disclose other training needs of the company, or as happens ever more frequently, the necessity to undertake a broader cooperation in for instance the area of strategic consultation.

Organizational competence is the key factor in building a competitive advantage. A competence audit should be conducted by independent consultants in order to ensure objectivism, professionalism and maximum effectiveness.

We provide full advisory services relating to:
  • The assessment of the effectiveness of the activities of an enterprise, department, branches or positions
  • Forecasting the activities of an enterprise, department, branches or positions
  • Implementing new management systems
  • Advice on the introduction of new technology
  • An assessment of the level of communications within the company
  • Position coaching
  • Mentoring for the management team
The whole process of the competence audit is adapted to the individual needs of each client.

If you want to build an effective sales and marketing model, a diagnosis and audit of the existing sales principles, strategies and procedures and the fulfilment of orders is essential.

We have experience in building sales models, designing marketing strategies and, taking part in these projects, we had the opportunity to building a methodology for sales and marketing audits.

Sales and marketing audits are aimed at diagnosing the current situation with respect to the effectiveness of the sales and marketing activities of enterprises, including above all, an assessment of the professional skill level and the effectiveness of sales teams and the characteristics of market challenges.

We offer comprehensive advice and support related to the intensification of sales, including:
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of the current sales system
  • Designing sales policy
  • Monitoring the implementation of new sales solutions
  • Assessment of the motivations system for traders
  • Designing the motivations system for traders
  • Analysis of client relations
  • Advice when introducing a new product to the market
  • Coaching for salesmen
  • Mentoring for the sales management team

In today’s fast-changing market, the company that does not have a clear vision and integrated internal system, combining the process of indicating the sales strategy with the procedures bringing them into life has no future.

The professional advisory services provided by Hancock Training provide our clients with an effective improvement of practices and enterprise management models. Our consultation is based on assisting the company in building a flexible system for managing sales and human resources. We have prepared a series of courses that show how to create a successful management strategy and to ensure the company effective activity and train the management team in creating and implementing them.

Not the consultant, but the management team will implement changes in the company, the knowledge acquired and used in practice when attending your training will stay with the company. We help the Client to focus on those areas of activity that not only ensure current benefits but also introduce the value influencing the well-being of the company for the long-term.

The reason and main aim of our activities is reflected in the satisfaction of his client.
  • We help identify processes and provide practical tools for quality management
  • We order and simplify procedures, and lower costs of inappropriate quality
  • We support and train the design of motivation systems and reward systems
  • We upgrade the qualifications of your personnel
  • We analyse and optimize management systems
  • We prepare training projects dedicated for our clients
  • We design settlements with creditors and other forms of debt restructuring.
Our experts can provide you with further information regarding our competence audit