From the Platonic school - through brainstorming - workshops with Cybel Kolb
- to Gamification in the cloud

Development of competences of others

… is like the work of a royal gardener. Or maybe molecular genetics? Both should create conditions for development, provide location, proper soil, insolation, seed genetic material (ie content, knowledge) and then their task whether in the laboratory or crystal palm trees is to cultivate, sprinkle, maintain temperature, fertilize what is (that is, motivate ) that it would grow faster and healthier and give fruits (or results) in the final.

The purpose of the trainer's work

… there are results. The better the results, the more the trainer’s value is. We respect and appreciate the uniqueness of each of the participants in our school and we know that each of you comes to the goal, at your own pace, after your learning curve.

For your development process

… we will not hesitate to appeal to provoke you to act, but we will also ask, insist and demand. You will do a job that will change you. Who wants this is looking for ways who do not want this is looking for an excuse.
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  • Personal branding
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  • Workshop
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  • Mindmapping
  • Development center
  • Coaching session
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  • Visual thinking
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We take responsibility for your performance and provide
lifelong guarantees for our trainers regarding substantive support,
access to methodology and training materials